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For geeks and nerds, artists, writers, philosophers, politicians and scientists alike: the creation of new worlds and new universes has been a key element of science fiction and fantasy. Standard kitchen sink drain pipe size It can also exist outside the realm of scifi-literature and RPG-gaming as a means of exploring possibilities.

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Generally I would like to see less fantasy kitchen sinks, but if you have to make one, just make sure to keep all elements consistent with each other.

Gosh dang you. How to install a kitchen sink drain plumbing I can neither upvote this nor downvote this. A kitchen sink to me I don’t agree with your first sentence, which I recognize is just a personal preference, but I feel a need to defend kitchen-sinks since they seem to have so much dislike on this subreddit. Kitchen sink is clogged up That being said, your second sentence is spot on as far as the main concern of kitchen-sinks. Clogged kitchen sink with garbage disposal Every element must be fleshed out as if it was the only element in your world, and THEN just as much work must be put into making sure that each of your elements works seamlessly with the others. Diy kitchen sink plumbing repair Ah, forget it, have my upvote.

A world with consistent themes and action. My kitchen sink will not drain I think these types of worlds work best when you focus on the commonalities between the many myths and lore you have in your world. Install p trap under kitchen sink I’d like to see the highlighting of important themed and certain aspects of the world taking center stage as opposed to everything sharing the spotlight.

Not sure if this works as an example, but take Doctor Who. Installing kitchen sink drain I’ve always considered it to be more “Science Fantasy Kitchen-ish Sink” more than just Sci-fi. The kitchen sink trailer deutsch There’s probably hundreds of planets, alien species and galaxies that the Doctor visits. How to fix a leaky moen kitchen sink faucet But the show tries not to make all of them present at once. The kitchen sink ice cream walnut creek Usually the Doctor goes to one planet or time period per episode and it focuses on the Doctor, his companion(s) and the threat they are facing.

Obviously many doctors like Pertwee’s, T. Everything but kitchen sink Baker’s, Davison’s, C. Installing a kitchen sink drain pipe Baker’s, Tennant’s and Smith’s have had multiple enemies/threats happening in an episode, but there is usually one threat or plot point that is emphasized the most out of the rest.

Some good examples of this would be the 10th Doctor’s story “Army of Ghosts/Doomsday,” and the 11th Doctor stories of “The Pandorica Opens/Big Bang” and “A Good Man Goes To War.” Each episode has multiple threats, but they are tied together by a central theme or problem

I’m not gonna lie, while I like Doctor Who for some simple entertainment I actually hate its worldbuilding. The kitchen sink downtown st louis Its usually my example of how to do it wrong. Small kitchen with sink in island I come and stay only for the characters on that show (which is also why my viewship is hit and miss) but I do at least agree to the point that it is a kitchen-sink of sorts and it does at least manage to give a pseudo-sci-fi explanation for it all (in a ‘big-ball-of-timey-wimey-stuff sorta way)

The issue I have with Doctor Who’s brand of kitchen sink is that aside from whatever plot arc is going on (which usually only involves the Doctor), the whole universe, spatially or through time, is disconnected. How to install sink strainer drain Because all that matters is an individual episode.

I really love giants, particularly civilised giants. Remove kitchen sink drain assembly In my D&D campaign, I like to have a few civilised hill giants who have cast off their hunger and gone beyond their more feral brethern.

Lets face it, kitchen sinks exist for 1 reason and 1 reason only, Sanderson’s 0th law “fantasy exists to be awesome”. How to install a kitchen sink sprayer If your going to include everything, why NOT include creatures of epic proportions?

Right, but we’re all humans. How to disconnect sink sprayer hose And things make sense. Installing a kitchen sink strainer Like the anatomy of mammals tends to be quite similar, despite the vast differences in appearances.

Because everything comes from one thing. The kitchen sink san francisco In a kitchen sink, you’ve got dragons which might or might not have four legs and wings, which makes them hexapodal in a world that probably also has minotaurs who are bullmen with human-like hands and people that can transform into werewolves just ’cause.

To be perfectly honest, things could be done a lot better and more consistently.

Yes, Earth has a huge variety of cultures and civilisations, but there are points of consistency everywhere. My kitchen sink smells like mildew There is a massive variety of creatures across all the animal kingdom, but once again: points of consistency everywhere.

Kitchen sink fantasy tends to have everything and the only point of consistency is that nothing fits together. How to change a kitchen faucet sprayer There’s no way to explain why there are werewolves and vampires. Replacing pipes under kitchen sink There’s no way to explain why dragons have a third pair of limbs, when everything else has only two pairs of limbs.

Well, obviously I disagree, but I get where your coming from.

Like, you mentioned things like dragons, minotaurs, werewolves and vampires all in the same setting, all things my world has a version of, but I bolded that word on purpose. Clogged kitchen sink drain with garbage disposal You do have to work to make those things consistent, some changes to your dragons and vampires are inevitable, and if consistency means completely changing your animal kingdom so that having 6 limbs isn’t that uncommon (which, it actually isn’t… Pipes under kitchen sink diagram decapods anyone?) and have rational explanations for werewolves and things it can not only work but make the world vibrant and force you to think about your magic system (because yes, this will take otherworldly laws of physics to accomplish) in a lot of ways.

That being said, I agree with the minotaur thing, but only because I think minotaurs (and by extension all mythological creatures that are not a ‘blending’ of things but literally just 2 body parts smashed together) are retarded. Kitchen sink garbage disposal troubleshooting I said I have minotaurs and I do, but their more of if you added bull DNA to a human, not ‘stick man on top of bull legs’.

Honestly, does no one else think that 90% of all ancient myths, no matter how strongly people eventually believed in them, were just stories that started in some local Athenian dive bar by a group of friends? The Egyptian creator god being a hermaphrodite that literally got itself off to create the world (sorry for the nsfw reference) or Zeus sleeping with LITERALLY EVERYTHING, NOT EVERYONE, EVERYTHING!?

There are countless possible explanations for anything you could include in your setting. Fix leaking price pfister kitchen faucet Vampirism could be a cursed placed upon a noble who disrespected a sun god, so that this deity would never have to lay eyes upon him ever again. Remove delta kitchen faucet handle Lycanthropy could be the failed experiment of wizards attempting to emulate the power that druids wield over their form. Diy kitchen sink installation Dragons having six limbs could be a visionary alchemist infusing a lizard with a hawk or whatever.

The common thread here is the power of magic, its innate power that we do not fully understand. The kitchen sink restaurant If you want to run a setting without magic that manifests itself in this way but it’s a rather bold claim to say that “nothing fits together”

Made a lot of comments, figure now I should actually add something.

I’d probably like to see more kitchen sinks emphasis the cultural diversity of their world as it relates to the diverse world of magical creatures and magical laws that they live in. How to install a kitchen sink drain basket And no, I don’t mean making one culture a magical hive-mind and there next door neighbors are a sort of ‘survival of the fittest’ free-for-all or something like that, you’ve already taken a lot of creative liberties with your creatures and magics, now you need to make your world’s cultures make sense. How to cut laminate countertop for kitchen sink That doesn’t mean you can’t have hive-minds and the like, but unlike your creatures and stuff you shouldn’t approach cultures from a ‘you know what would be awesome?’ starting point. Kitchen sink location Creatures can come from any number of sources, evolution is only the rule of our world, but cultures develop naturally because they are the result of social contract theory between humans who tend to act in semi-predictable ways. Standard kitchen sink faucet hole size Unless your story/world/game/whatever isn’t about humans or even sentient creatures that act like humans, but good luck finding an audience for that. Kitchen sink plumbing diagram with dishwasher Sorry, but we humans are naturally xenocentric, we only want stories about ourselves.

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