Why is bleach turning my white bathtub yellow – what would cause my white clothes to turn blue after using bleach and detergent __ pn phpbb question and answers

This is due to excessive amount of bleach when sheets turning brownish yellow.Add bleach if your whites are 100% cotton. How to hand wash clothes without detergent Many items are not 100% cotton any more. Can you wash white clothes with light colors Bleach used on cotton blends will start to yellow the whites after several washes.Hot water will shrink cotton so use medium or warm water or cold. How to wash clothes in semi automatic machine Never wash dark clothes or any reds with your whites. How to wash clothes for the first time Add granular water softener to wash water and use liquid laundry detergent or use Borax detergent for your whites.For stains on clothing, rub full strength liquid laundry detergent into stain prior to washing.Hope my answer will help you a lot.

• When i wash clothes my whites come out with yellow stains is it the water?

• Why are my whites turning yellow in the wash w all and chlorox bleach?

• Why does bleach mixed with bleach safe detergent make the water in the water turn pink?

• Does chlorine bleach cause whites in laundry to turn yellow?

• Why did my white clothes turn yellow after hot water and bleach wash?

A number of reasons are to why a white t-shirt turns to yellow, and the most commonly known reason is perspiration, whereby it can lead to lead to a lot of a lot of damages to your clothes, these kind of white t-shirts the kinds of bleaches that5 you actually use are the most dangerous to your fabrics. How to wash dark clothes in washing machine Excess use of bleaches can easily lead to such problems that your lovely white shirt can turn yellow. When to wash clothes to save energy In addition, if you think of bleaching your white- shirt, this can also lead to yellow color. How to clean washing machine with vinegar Also proper rinsing is required for your washing, for the detergents such as bleaches if not properly washed can cause the bleach to react with heat, the sun making the t-shirt to turn color.

• How do i get a yellow bleach stain out of a white cotton tablecloth?

• What happens if i wash colors and whites together in warm water?

There can be large number of reasons for a white t-shirt to turn yellow. White wash denim shirt One of the most prominent reasons being the perspiration. Best time to wash clothes to save electricity This can lead to a lot of trouble for the user who wears these kind of white t-shirts. How to wash clothes in washing machine in hindi Excess perspiration can lead to such problems that your lovely white shirt can turn yellow. How to clean leather sofa with baking soda In addition, if you think of bleaching your white- shirt, this can also lead to yellow colour. What should i wash baby clothes with If the shirts are not washed for days, then too, it can turn yellow.

• How long and how much bleach water do you use to remove an oldcolor form cotton?

• My bathtub was white and was cleaned with tileex and turned yellowish orange how do imget it white again

• Will chlorine bleach stain white cotton shirts and turn them yellow?

• How do i get a yellow stain out of a white cotton and silk shirt that says non clorine bleach?

• Do polyester cotton clothes get washed in cold or warm water?

I agree with Sandra, there are many reasons that clothing turns yellow. Should you wash clothes inside out Perspiration is definitely a leading cause. Can you wash black and white clothes together If you smoke, cigarettes or cigars, the tobacco smoke can also cause your clothing to turn colors. How to wash baby clothes with baking soda One strange case that I recall was having a swim shirt turn yellow due to the suntan lotion that we were using. How to clean washing machine tub with vinegar We have since stopped using the lotion, so unfortunately I do not recall the brand.

• How to get whites white again after bleach turned them yellow?

• How to bleach whites which have become yellow in the washing machine?

There are lots of reasons your white bikini could be turning yellow, among them, the hardness of the water, oil and sweat from one`s body nightly, your detergent, using softner sheets and the heat from your dryer. Washing clothes by hand during pregnancy To get rid of it, these are my time tested methods for keeping whites white. How to wash white clothes with yellow stains First and foremost, never,ever wash white fabrics with anything but other whites.I hope my answer will help you a lot.

• Would 90 cotton and 10 leggings shrink if you wash it in cld water then dry it?

• I left my whites in bleach too long and they turned yellow help?

• Can i put bleach on a cotton bud and clean my yellow teeth?

There are few reasons effect to turn white color to yellow color of cloths.major thing is bleach washing.and sun burn.chemical like that chlorine how ever if your tee shirt arm pit is turning yellow its happening due to sweat.sweat glands are often do wet your arm pit bu sweat.sweat is very salty things.that salt effect with your tee shirt pit and becoming white color to yellow.

I worked at a cleaners once. How to wash t shirts without stretching I had lots of white dress shirts come in with yellow armpit stains.. How do you wash black and white clothes Never use chlorine bleach on white shirts, it will break down the fabric and will yellow them.Wet the underarms with water or some kind of stain remover like Shout and then sprinkle lots of Oxiclean on them and let set about an hour then wash.I hope my answer will help you a lot.

• What happens if you wash clothing in warm water that need to be washed on cold water?

• I dyed my hair very dark i want to keep the color. How often to wash baby clothes should i wash it with cold water or warm water?

• What happens to to cotton clothes when washed in warm water?

Your white clothes may be turning yellow due to excessive use of bleach. How to clean white dress shirts this is so because excessive use of bleach on white clothes turns those white clothes yellow. How to clean white clothes at home Once you bleach the white clothes, rinse your clothes quite well. Wash white clothes in hot water Use RIT color extractor to make your yelllow turned clothes white again. How to make white clothes whiter at home jack Powell.

• Why does the water turn red after adding bleach to landry detergent?

• What happens if you wash your colors and whites in hot water?

In order to keep armpits of white shirts from turning yellow ,the person should stop using large quantity of deodrant. How to wash white clothes in washer When the person washes the white shirts add some vinegar in th bucket. How to remove dry red wine stains from cotton It does not spoil the clothes and keep the white tshirts white. When to wash baby clothes for the first time The person should also stop bleaching the white tshirts.

• Will fabric made of 72 cotton 27 rayon 1 spandex shrink in hot water?

• What makes the water turn brown when you mix bleach and your detergent in yhe washer?

• I poured bleach into my water with detergent and it turned orange for a few seconds?

• My curtains have turned yellow ofver the years they are 100% cotton and they say not to use bleach to bring them back to there original whit.e?

Never use chlorox on your t shirts because will change your shirt yellow and it will also put holes in your clothes chlorox is madness. How to soak white clothes always read your label on the back of your clothes because it tells you what fabric and how it should be wash.

• I just washed a load of whites with liquid bleach and it yellowed?

• How to clean 100 cotton hand wash only and no bleach sweater?

• We have a hickle water softener device. How to make white clothes whiter with bleach the water was hard so we were told to cholorinate the well. Wash my clothes in spanish now the bath tub and toilet water is yellow?

• Who to keep you french manicure tip white from turning yellow?

• How to prevent white vans from turning yellow after washing?

• How to prevent white shoes from turning yellow in the washer?

• How to avoid your white shirts armpits from turning yellow?

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