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It wasnt a bad experience but the management are very rude, its a very hard work for the low pay rate that they offer.. Unique guy tattoos A lot of work to do, chop over than 10 pans of veggies at day, work fast and make all those burritos.. Lower back tattoo designs for females Anyway I liked i little bit

A normal day at chipotle was simple, and repetitive. Lower back tattoo designs with names But over all easy, everyone worked as a team and had simple task to do before, after and when closing. Awesome forearm tattoos for guys I’ve learned to manage people better, order trucks, and handle inventory.

If I did not have the great co-workers that I have, I wouldn’t have stayed.

Mens half sleeve tattoos It is a hard job, but if you can keep up and balance it all than don’t worry about it. Good tattoo designs for guys Management is pretty cool honestly I can’t complain. Wrist tattoo ideas male This is my 4th job, and I have never had so many complaints about myself. Awesome rib cage tattoos for guys I have plenty of customer service experience, so I do not understand why I am picked on a lot at the job.

I loved working for Chipotle. Wrist tattoos for guys meanings Their culture is amazing, and their training is world class. Awesome male tattoo ideas If you are working at a truly Chipotle store, you will look forward to going to work, taking pride in what you do, and working your butt off every day.

A typical day at work involved food preparation, cleanliness and proper quick serving at all times .

The management always kept the night upbeat, productive and fun.

The .most enjoyable part of the job was moving fast and efficiently.

Fast paced, multi-task required job. Best female lower back tattoos Cashier had to keep dining clean, help throughout the store, and help others when needed. Best lower back tattoo designs Hardest part would have to be when the restaurant is busy and having to juggle the cleanliness of the store with helping customers have a fast and friendly experience.

mornings start off fast paced to be ready come opening time, rushes start early and come in bursts. Best mens tattoos ever Very team oriented, youre as strong as the weakest link scheduled during your shift. Cool small male tattoos If anyone falls behind, the group will definitely feel it through the companies’ productivity if you cant catch back up as a team. Awesome tattoo backgrounds I learned how to better manage my time while the team is preparing to open, multi-tasking is also a factor that plays into the work day. Best guy tattoos tumblr Overall, it was the team at my location that made the job worth maintaining. Back of neck tribal tattoo designs You are expected to work at a fast pace, with no sacrifices to accuracy or efficiency. Back of neck tattoos tumblr Dont get me started on workplace culture. Most beautiful tattoo designs It used to be present a few years ago, but has been changed since. Cute female chest tattoos Its sad, honeslty. Nice tattoo ideas for guys But Corporate deemed one-on-ones an irrelevant waste and got rid of their “characteristics” manual that used to be a guideline to the heart of what they stood for. Awesome lower back tattoos Of everything, I enjoyed the free meal you get for working your shift, up to $12 worth of product a person, i believe. Mens sleeve tattoo designs If anything, its a good place to start, but overall the job gets old reallllly fast as a crew member.

I love the food and all the people that work there! Things to consider is that if you truly believe that you can make a career out of it then you definitely can but you have to sell your soul to the chipotle devil. Tattoo ideas for guys shoulder Other than that have fun and eat a lot.

Chipotle was a good place to work, though chipotle has a very strong meaning for building beginners to the top. Awesome upper back tattoos It has it’s flaws, for example the management at my store was not very keen on regulations and procedures. Awesome mens sleeve tattoos It did felt as If I were being singled out as one who was taught from beginning to follow these regulations because its the chipotle way. Back of neck tattoos female Through out the day it would be busy it was a great challenge and learning experience. Best mens tattoos 2015 I think in my honest opinion , the best part of the job was the people culture, It was nothing like I’ve experienced.

I had an issue with the server manager, and the kitchen manager. Awesome angel wing tattoos The general manager and the area manager ignored my plight. Wrist tattoos for guys tumblr I then quit due to unnecessary, rude comments and actions coming from people I was supposed to look up too.

Working at Chipotle was a great experience because I learned necessary skills to prepare quality good and providing excellent customer service.

However, management could have done more for its employees. Awesome arm tattoos for guys I believe that there was not enough support which lead to stressful situations.

What I have learned from being at the chipotle in which i currently work is that its selective. Most amazing tattoos ever You can show all the desire and enthusiasm to move up through the company but you can be over looked just because of personal preference and not skill set. Awesome tattoos for girls The most enjoyable part of the job was enjoying the company of my coworkers who i work with on a daily basis.

It is an interesting job for thosei who are interested in the Fast Food industry. Cool small mens tattoos I think that all the demands for safety food are a good tool and teach well to their crew, but sometimes they are not compensated accordingly with the demands of the job.

Is a good experience for young people but not for people that has more financial responsibilities.

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