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Who else who has XM Radio has noticed the influx of commercials?

I e-mailed them and they sent back a song & dance about how they’re adding new non-commercial stations to “replace” the ones with the ads.

All I know is, when I signed up, it was commercial FREE and that’s WHY I signed up.

I have totally noticed it too! It’s funny, cuz’ at least one station we listen too, still says that it is commerial free, but I guess someone forget to tell that station, their not anymore!!!! I’m talking about one particular station, I know that there are still some commerial free stations on XM. Bell satellite online tv guide Also, I have noticed that some of the new commerials are a little inapproiate for kids to hear, one in particular comes to mind, something about phone sex and this is one of the hit stations, during the day!

I am so glad that you brought this up, because I was thinking that it was me. Hum tv on satellite I had noticed more commercials, in general on the stations that we listen to. Tv satellite boxes free Then we went on vacation and drove 8 hours one way, we were listening to radio Disney most of the way but at about 10:00 pm there were hardly any commercials or DJ’s talking it sure was nice to listen to. Tv satellite footprint maps My DD the other day even said that we needed to go on vacation again so that we could listen without commercials

I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing that! I just did a drive from NJ to HHI and I noticed that the 4-6 stations are still commercial free, but the “hit” stations like 30 and 26 now have ads.

I’m used to the commercials on the talk stations, but I’ve been considering writing about the promos for Opie and Anthony, the Agenda and Ron and Fez. Top satellite tv providers in usa First of all, they’re not funny and second of all they are offensive . Satellite tv kits for caravans I can choose not to listen to those shows or block the channels and I do, but the ads on ESPN or other talk stations are unavoidable.

Maybe if we all start hammering them with emails, they’ll get the hint. Satellite tv cost comparison There’s no point in paying that kind of money if they’re going to run commercials.

Clear Channel recently took over programming on a few XM stations, and that’s where you are starting to hear ads that you didn’t hear before. Foreign satellite tv in uk Check out this page:

Nashville, KISS, MIX, Sunny and WSIX are programmed by Clear Channel. Satellite tv for pc elite edition 2014 These channels carry commercials and are now located in a new category on our channel guide called “Regional News, Talk & Music Channels.

Check out channel 26 and 30 for contemporary hits with no commercials. Compare satellite tv in india Channel 16 is still country with no commercials – Highway 16.

Ahh the unholy alliance of Clear Channel and XM is rearing its ugly head. Satellite tv channel I don’t understand why people would listen to Clear Channel programmed stations with commercials when there are commecial-free counterparts? What is the reasoning behind this?

I admit I am a Sirius subscriber, but I have been following this and find it interesting.

I normally listen to Highway 16 and Heart and haven’t noticed any commercials and hope I don’t start hearing them in the near future. Free software to watch satellite tv on pc I will be extremely upset! We PAY for the service with NO COMMERCIALS and if they all start having commercials we might as well go back to FREE radio!!

I listened to the 60’s station a little the other night and found the DJ to be quite annoying. Portable satellite dish for caravan I don’t like DJ’s that talk a lot either!

Originally, XM has commercials on both the music and non music stations. Watch all satellite tv channels in your pc Then XM decided to go commercial free on the music stations. Zee tv frequency hotbird However, they had made a deal with Clear Channel to let CC program some XM stations. What coax cable to use for satellite tv CC forced XM to allow commericals on the stations CC programs. Digital satellite tv box To make it up to linteners, XM introduced “clones” of each of the CC stations without commercials. Tv satellite dish for caravan So in XM’s mind, they have the same amount of commerical free music stations as before.

I just wanted to add that I still love XM, even at its worse I still think that it is better than “regular” radio, at least right now hopefully that won’t change. Free satellite tv in south africa I have had my Suburban for almost 2 years and I have probably listened to the “radio” twice and when I do I can’t stand what is on and I switch back to XM. Sky tv satellite astra I also love that when you go on a road trip you can listen to the same programing and not have to look for things to listen to on the radio from town to town.

I wrote a huge letter about the clear channel deal…it really made me mad to hear about them selling out. Watch free satellite tv on your computer If I want to listen to Clear Channel radio I can turn on my local station. Tv via satelite gratis no pc Luckily Flight 26 is even better than Mix was and Highway 16 is playing more contemporary country now. Visiondtv sat express digital satellite tv pci card Simply NEVER listen to the Clear Channel stations and maybe they will get the hint.

For those of you with XM, did you get todays email about the Congress Bill? Its horrible…here is the link, if you want XM to remail XM we all need to take action on this. European satellite tv in usa http://www.xmradio.com/grassroots/

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