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Sigh, so last night the kitchen sink decided to back up and since it’s apperently connected to the pipe that the washing machine drains into create a small lake in the laundry room.

So, apperently the clog is past where the sink drain pipe and the laundry room drain pipe meet.

A bottle of Draino Gel and a bottle of draino foam didn’t clear it. Kitchen sink movies I even removed the trap from the garbage disposal and tried to fish out a clog with wire from a metal coat hangar and one of those long plastic snakes with the barbs on it. Changing kitchen sink drain No dice.

The other side of the house with the showers and bathrooms works fine. How do i fix a dripping kitchen faucet Water drains like it always has so apperently the clog has not travelled past that intersection.

So, I’m about to give in and call the landlord and request a plumber to come snake it.

Thus, does the hive mind feel I’ve done enough diagnostics to warrant calling in a pro? How much should I expect to have to cough up for this service?

BTW, from the wall to the sewer main under the house the pipe are about 70 years old. Small kitchen island with sink and dishwasher House was built in the 30’s but completely redone in the early 90’s. Kitchen sink plug stuck But, only this section of pipe was not replaced by the previous owners.

If you cant get it with the snake, and cant easily open up the line further down to check for the clog, then bring in a pro and let them worry about it.

I know my main stack had a major clog a couple years ago, guys came in and spent 2 hours cleaning out umm well what you would expect in a sewar drain and got everything flowing out of the house again (it was past all the drains so nothing from anywhere went out) and it only cost me $250. Ceramic kitchen sink philippines So for a semi normal clog it should be under $100 and depending on where it is the landlord should be paying.

A good plumbers snake is 20 bucks at a hardware store. The kitchen sink recipes Usually 25 feet long with a brace and bit handle. My kitchen sink drains very slowly Run it down the pipe where you disconnected the “P” trap and start turning on the handle. Double kitchen sink plumbing installation If it is not a pair of undershorts your youngest flushed down the toilet, it should break free in a couple of turns. The kitchen sink st louis mo If it does not it is call the plumber time and put a padlock on the checkbook

I would try and find a way to (temporarily) stop up the washing machine pipe, and then use a plunger on the sink. What to do if your kitchen sink is clogged I know squat about plumbing though. How to repair loose single handle kitchen faucet : )

Wait, you’re renting? Then your landlord should be the one paying for the plumber..

Yeah, not overly concerned about that aspect. My kitchen sink is clogged what can i do The land lord is kickass.

The weekend before my wedding the water main under the yard sprung a leak on that friday evening. Kitchen sink garbage disposal not draining Landlord came over and confirmed it. The kitchen sink movie Next day he had a plumber out that morning replacing it.

He said “This is the last thing you need to be worrying about before your wedding. Belfast sink in kitchen island It’s done.”

Was almost 2 grand and no raise in the rest. Views from my kitchen sink Really cool guy.

Edit: Meant to add, I do have a bit of guilt expecting him to pay as since this is the kitchen sink and garbage disposal the clog is no doubt a result of our use of it. The kitchen sink restaurant greenville sc But, that’s just me, I’m overly nice.

Update: Call the landlord, he said yup, I’ve done all the troubleshooting and then some that he’d do.

Got the approval to call a plumber to come out and fix it. Replacing kitchen sink with tile countertop Deduct the cost from next months rent.

Now, I have to pile through the yellow pages for a plumber in San jose. How to install kitchen sink strainer basket Gonna call a few and see if I can get phone ballpark figures so I don’t get the landlord taken to the cleaners. My kitchen sink is clogged garbage disposal sigh.

It’s not that, it’s the idea of snaking 70 year old pipes that I don’t own that scares me. Top kitchen sink Would rather have a professional do it in case something goes wrong.

Besides I did some probing and right into the wall it hit’s a T connector that I could not seem to get around.

hehe that reminds me of that commercial where the guy is knee deep in water in the basement and wants to shop price

Most likely it wont be that expensive as long as something didnt break. Titanium kitchen sink If you feel that guilty just split the cost with the landlord. Happy tree friends and the kitchen sink part 2 I know one of my friends used to own rental houses, he was always more than happy to pay a plumber than have the tenants fuck the plumbing up trying to fix it themselves! (not saying you would, he had college kids usually, man what a mess)

Most likely it wont be that expensive as long as something didnt break. The kitchen sink restaurant st louis mo If you feel that guilty just split the cost with the landlord. My kitchen sink drain smells I know one of my friends used to own rental houses, he was always more than happy to pay a plumber than have the tenants fuck the plumbing up trying to fix it themselves! (not saying you would, he had college kids usually, man what a mess)

Nope, just checked the basement and nothing broken down there that I can see.

YES, some homes in Cali DO have basements! Well, 70 year old houses at least.

And he trusts me to fix stuff but, I know my limits and I know this is beyond em.

I have a digicam ready to take a pic of teh cloggage in case it’s lounge worthy.

It wont be uhm hrm ah human feces I’m pretty sure as none of the bathrooms are backed up, just the kitchen and laundry room.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that teh wife might have put corn husks down the disposal this week and will need pics for evidence so that she can appropriately say she’s sorry, so very very sorry, mmmmm what can she do to make it up to me?

Update: Got 3 plumbers to coe out and give their free estimates.

Since the house has no externally available clean out ports the price was higher than what it would have been were one available.

So any of them would have to snake it from under the sink in the kitchen.

The one for 240 was kinda shady so I opted with the landlords permission to go with the guy for 310.69 and it included a one year warranty.

It was pretty simple and straightforward, he shoved a fiber optic cable in the pipe under the sink and saw a fierce blockage of icky sludge and food buildup.

He then snaked the thing for ~100 feet pushing and pulling to make sure the crap was gone. Kitchen sink in island pros and cons (no this isn’t a VR post)

Then he pressure washed the pipe with something called a scour jet pressure washer to clean the pipe from the inside even more.

Finally, he put the camera back into show the result of the cleaning which was a much clearer pipe.

Unfortunately, he could not, other than the camera prove the corn husks did it, though they certainly didn’t help. White kitchen black sink But, the wife does not have to know that.

although, 100 ft does sound like it’d take a professional. Kitchen sink garbage disposal not working geek_points– for not trying to DIY first though (liquid plumber doesn’t count)

i bought a 20-30 ft or so snake to do the drain in college cuz we didn’t want to wait a week for the damn plumbers to get around to doing it. Under kitchen sink plumbing i was a hero. Topmount stainless steel kitchen sink single bowl not saying much coming from guys that could barely do their own laundry though

Yup, like I said, if they were my pipes I’d have been off to the home depot in a flash and would have snaked it myself.

But, didn’t want to risk making it worse and costing the landlord more money because I screwed something up.

The temptation was difficult to overcome but, sense did prevail.

And of course were the not so well though out remedies stirring in my mind.

Hmmmm wonder if I could blow the clog out with my air compressor…… Plumbing under kitchen sink diagram with dishwasher erm, maybe not.

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